Top Email Subject Line Tips to Boost Opens

Email Subject Line Tips

Email subject lines are key to your email campaign’s success. Nearly half of people choose to open an email because of the subject line.

But 69% mark emails as spam just from the subject line. These numbers show how important it is to craft a good subject line. I’ll give you some email subject line tips to increase open rates and make your emails better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Email subject lines are crucial. They decide whether recipients open your email or treat it as spam.
  • 47% decide to open an email just from the subject line.
  • 69% consider it spam if the subject line doesn’t look good.
  • A strong subject line increases open rates and boosts engagement.
  • You’ll learn effective subject line strategies in this article.

What Is an Email Subject Line?

An email subject line is the first text seen in an email, after the sender’s name. It’s a short preview of the email’s message. This line aims to make readers interested to open and read the whole email. A catchy subject line is crucial in making people open an email rather than ignore it.

A good subject line clearly says what the email is about. It also makes the reader want to do something. It must be short, interesting, and match what the email says. A strong subject line can spark curiosity, make it seem urgent, or show the reader a benefit. This makes people more likely to want to read the email.

The subject line mainly does two things. It gets the reader’s attention and tells them what the email is about. A powerful subject line can decide if an email gets opened or not. It’s like a door to the email world, inviting the reader to come in and read more.

“The subject line is the single most important element of any email. It determines whether the recipient will open your email, read it, or simply delete it.”

Think about what your audience finds interesting and the main gist of your email. Also, think about what makes your email useful for the reader. A good subject line can get their attention. It also makes them want to see what’s inside.

Understanding this helps you create subject lines that pull people in, making your email campaigns more successful.

Next, let’s dive into why good subject lines matter. We’ll look at how they affect open rates, click-through rates, and the overall success of your email marketing efforts.

Why Is a Good Email Subject Line Important?

A strong email subject line is key for your email marketing to succeed. Studies have found 47% of people open emails based only on the subject line. Yet, 69% mark emails as spam if the subject line doesn’t appeal to them.

A good subject line boosts open and click-through rates. It works like a door opener, pulling in readers and making them want to know more.

By choosing the right words, you set up what the email is about. This makes people curious and more likely to read and engage with your content. It also helps avoid ending up in spam folders.

When the subject line resonates with the reader, they are more inclined to interact with your email. This could mean they buy something, subscribe, or attend an event. The subject line plays a huge role in email marketing success.

importance of email subject line

Knowing the value of a great subject line is crucial for better open and click-through rates. The right subject lines help avoid being marked as spam. They intrigue readers, pulling them into your message.

Next, we’ll dive into some email subject line tips and examples, aiding you in making powerful subject lines that get noticed.

Top Email Subject Lines (and Why They Work)!

In this section, you’ll find our top email subject line tips and examples that boost open rates. We’ve grouped them into categories that appeal to different triggers. Let’s explore what makes these subject lines so effective.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Subject Lines

1. Don’t miss out on our exclusive sale! (best email subject lines)

2. Last chance to grab your free gift! (examples of subject lines)

Curiosity-Inducing Subject Lines

1. Unbelievable secrets revealed inside… (increase open rates)

2. You won’t believe what we have in store for you! (psychology of subject lines)

Funny Subject Lines

1. This email contains 99% less broccoli than our last one 😉 (best email subject lines)

2. Heard any good jokes lately? We’ve got one for you! (increase open rates)

Vanity-Appealing Subject Lines

1. Get ready to turn heads with our latest collection! (examples of subject lines)

2. Show off your style and be the envy of your friends! (increase open rates)

Greedy Subject Lines

1. You deserve the best – and we have it! (best email subject lines)

2. Exclusive offer just for you – don’t miss out! (psychology of subject lines)

Catchy Subject Lines

1. Make weekends extraordinary with our new arrivals! (best email subject lines)

2. Spice up your life with these must-have accessories! (increase open rates)

Customer Pain Points Subject Lines

1. Tired of untangling cables? We’ve got the solution! (examples of subject lines)

2. Say goodbye to dry skin with our revolutionary moisturizer! (psychology of subject lines)

Retargeting Subject Lines

1. We have something special, just for you! (best email subject lines)

2. We miss you – come back and enjoy exclusive perks! (examples of subject lines)

Personalised Subject Lines

1. [Name], get ready for a surprise inside! (best email subject lines)

2. A special offer, just for you, [Name]! (examples of subject lines)

Straightforward Subject Lines

1. Hurry, limited stock available! (increase open rates)

2. Get 50% off our entire collection today! (psychology of subject lines)

Sales Subject Lines

1. Flash sale alert – don’t miss out! (best email subject lines)

2. Your perfect summer outfit awaits, with a discount! (increase open rates)

Newsletter Subject Lines

1. Stay up-to-date with our latest news and offers! (best email subject lines)

2. Get inspired with our monthly newsletter! (examples of subject lines)

CategorySubject Line Example
FOMODon’t miss out on our exclusive sale!
Curiosity-InducingUnbelievable secrets revealed inside…
FunnyThis email contains 99% less broccoli than our last one 😉
Vanity-AppealingGet ready to turn heads with our latest collection!
GreedyYou deserve the best – and we have it!
CatchyMake weekends extraordinary with our new arrivals!
Customer Pain PointsTired of untangling cables? We’ve got the solution!
Re-targetingWe have something special, just for you!
Personalised[Name], get ready for a surprise inside!
StraightforwardHurry, limited stock available!
SalesFlash sale alert – don’t miss out!
NewsletterStay up-to-date with our latest news and offers!

Email Subject Line Best Practices

To make email subject lines work, use these top tips. Crafting effective lines is key. Here’s how:

  1. Keep subject lines brief: Short lines get noticed easier. Stick to 40-50 characters. This way, they show fully in the preview.
  2. Personalise subject lines: Mentioning the reader’s name makes the email feel personal. This can boost open rates.
  3. Make subject lines interesting: Create curiosity to grab attention. Give a hint about the email’s content without revealing too much.
  4. Offer value: Tell the reader what they’ll gain from opening the email. Highlight the useful info or the problem you’re solving.
  5. Create urgency: Add phrases like “limited time” to urge quick action. This can increase immediate opens.
  6. Avoid clickbait: Keep the subject line honest. It must reflect what the email is really about. This builds trust.
  7. Include keywords: Use words that matter and relate to the email’s content. This makes it more searchable and noticeable.

By using these tips, your emails are more likely to be read. Crafting a good subject line is both science and art. Try different styles, then check what works best for you.

Subject Line Strategies

Common Mistakes To Avoid in Email Subject Lines

When making email subject lines, knowing what to do is key. But, knowing what not to do is just as important. I’ll show you common mistakes to steer clear of. This will help make your email marketing better.

1. Using misleading or irrelevant subject lines

Misleading subject lines are a big ‘no.’ They disappoint and break trust. It’s important to match your subject line with what’s in the email. This keeps your readers happy.

2. Employing excessive capitalisation or punctuation

Too many capital letters or exclamation points can turn people off. It might even land your email in spam. Keep your subject lines professional. They should be clear and to the point.

3. Being too generic or boring

Generic subject lines just don’t cut it. Avoid common words like “Newsletter.” Instead, be unique and grab attention right away. This increases your chances of being noticed.

4. Using spam trigger words

Avoid spammy words if you want your email to reach inboxes, not spam folders. Words like “free” or “guaranteed” often get flagged. Use terms that speak to your readers without sounding spammy.

5. Neglecting to test subject lines before sending

Testing subject lines is crucial. What you find interesting might not be to your readers. Use A/B testing to find what works. This helps you boost your open rates.

subject line errors
“By staying clear of these traps, your emails are more likely to be read. Effective work on subject lines can attract and engage your audience.”

Top Email Subject Line Keywords

Adding certain keywords to your email’s subject lines can really catch people’s eyes. I’ll share a list of top keywords. They are great for making emails more interesting and getting more people to open them.

These keywords touch on things like making people feel they’ll miss out, sparking their interest, giving a reason to smile, and showing them the value of your email.

FOMO Keywords

Want to create urgency and a sense of missing out? Use these words:

  • Limited
  • Exclusive
  • Last chance
  • Don’t miss out
  • Final hours

Curiosity Keywords

To raise curiosity, try these words:

  • Secret
  • Sneak peek
  • Unveiling
  • Discover
  • Mystery

Humour Keywords

Adding humour makes your emails more fun. Use these words:

  • LOL
  • HaHa
  • Comical
  • Fun-filled
  • Tickle your funny bone

Vanity Keywords

Want to make your readers feel special? Try these phrases:

  • Exclusive offer for you
  • Personalised for you
  • Your VIP access
  • Just for you
  • Special invitation

Urgency Keywords

Encourage fast action with these words:

  • Limited time offer
  • Act now
  • Only today
  • Hurry
  • Time is running out

Value Keywords

Show the benefits of your email with these words:

  • Save
  • Discount
  • Free
  • Exclusive deal
  • Bonus
Top Email Subject Line Keywords

Use these powerful keywords to make your emails stand out. Mix and match to see what attracts your readers most. Make sure your subject lines are short, exciting, and about what’s inside your email. Happy emailing!

Summing Up My Email Subject Line Tips

Creating catchy email subject lines is key. It helps increase open rates and boosts email marketing success. Simply follow the advice in this article. Soon, you’ll be making subject lines that intrigue, add value, and get readers to click.

Avoiding common blunders is crucial. Don’t use misleading or boring subject lines. Always test your subjects before sending. Neglecting these steps could lower your open rates and hurt your campaigns.

This guide has shared 184 example subject lines, ideas, and top keywords. Armed with this, you can craft compelling subject lines yourself. So, dive in and use these tips to better your email marketing game.


Why are email subject lines important?

Email subject lines are vital for your emails to do well. They decide if your emails are read or not.

What is an email subject line?

An email subject line is what you see first in your inbox. It tells you briefly what the email is about.

How do email subject lines impact open rates and engagement?

Almost half of people open an email because of its subject line. A good subject line makes people want to read more.

It can also make more people click on links and buy things.

What are some examples of effective email subject lines?

We’ve got 184 subject line examples and tips that really up open rates. They cover many types like FOMO, humour, and more.

What are some best practices for crafting effective subject lines?

Keep your subject lines short and sweet. Personalise them and make them eye-catching. Always offer something of value.

Creating a sense of urgency without misleading is key. Using the right keywords ads to their strength.

What are common mistakes to avoid in email subject lines?

Mistakes include confusing or dull lines, too much shouting (CAPS), and using cliches. Stay away from spam words and remember to test before sending.

Can you provide examples of top email subject line keywords?

Sure, we’ve got a list of keywords that really make people want to open your email. They cover FOMO, humor, and more.

How can I create effective email subject lines?

Follow our advice on crafting subject lines. This article is packed with examples and keywords to get you started.

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